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Print, mark and annotate, hundreds of primary maths worksheets, all optimised for IWB.


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There are lots and lots of free resources you can use, in full, as often as you like. Try some now.

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Support and Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit of using these resources?

    Apart from the immediate initial engagement pupils show from working on a tablet the benefits can be dramatic. Every question is marked as pupils answer, the pupil knows straight away if something is wrong and can retry, so no more labouring through a worksheet only to find at the end they've made a basic mistakes - by which time they've lost interest and even embedded and reinforced the wrong answers.

    But not only do pupils benefit from the immediate feedback, teachers too can see all the answers as they're made and can spot struggling pupils or particular questions where the whole class is struggling - a key aid to timely and well targeted intervention.

    We’ve also carried out extensive research with the University of York’s Institute of Effective Education into attainment levels in children being taught Maths and Grammar with this type of technology. The research showed an increase in attainment of approximately 30% in a single year.

  • Can anyone use these resources?

    You need to be logged in to Learning Clip. Accounts are free and there is no charge to access and use the Tablet Tasks App and Worksheets. Note: Free access to the Grammar and Punctuation tasks is only available to UK teachers.

  • How do I create an account?

    Setting up a Learning Clip Account is easy and free. You need to fill in some basic details including an email address. Wait for an activation email to arrive, then click the Activate my Account link. That’s it. You’ll be ready to login.

  • Can I see the results afterwards?

    As long as you stay logged into a particular session you can see the results but once you log out, they’ll no longer be available and the student names will be anonymised in our records.

    If you want access to results for longer, you’ll need a School Account rather than a teacher account. This is also free, but it requires you to add information about your school.

  • Do I have to create logins for my pupils?

    No, the system has two modes 'informal' and 'named'.

    The worksheet resources all operate in informal mode by default. All that pupils need to do to start a task is scan a QR code. The content of the tasks is exactly the same in both modes but in informal mode everytime a pupil is set a task they have to enter their name.

    If you choose to upgrade to a School Account you can opt to make pupil records that allow the setting of multiple tasks and a higher degree of data analysis.

  • Do I have to have an iPad or tablet to use the resources?

    No, but we’d definitely recommend it.

    The tasks do work on a PC, Mac, net book and many other internet enabled devices. But if you use a tablet you can take advantage of the features in our Tablet Task App - everything that's needed is in one place. Pupils can scan the QR code or just type in the PIN and away they go... There are no adverts or other distractions, the app only recognises our QR codes and there's no way pupils can navigate to the wrong place.

  • What do I need to install on the pupil tablets?

    You only need to install the Tablet Tasks App which is available here:

    Or the complete tasks with a browser: from the home page just click 'Pupil? Connect to a Task'

  • Do I have to be online to use the Tablet Tasks?

    Yes, to start a task you must be logged into, once a task is running it's not necessary to stay logged in but you won't be able to see pupils answers. Likewise to access a task pupil's tablets must also be online, if the tablet should go offline during a task the pupil will be able to complete the questions but their answers won't be relayed to you or stored for future review.

Use of Learning Clip Tablet Tasks is subject to our privacy policy