Worksheets and Whiteboard Resources for Elementary Math
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About Us

Learning Clip is a privately owned limited company established in 2007 to produce online resources for teaching elementary math. Our professionals have a long history of working for and with the world’s leading education technology vendors, helping teachers to effectively use classroom technology such as Interactive Whiteboards and voting handsets.

Our aim is to provide a single source for quality interactive material covering a wide spectrum of mathematics from age 4 to 11. We don't regard this as a task with a start and end date and are entirely committed to an ongoing cycle of improvement and development.

We make number of resources free to use by anyone - teachers, parents, children - interested in teaching and learning math. Our hope is that in return you will give us your feedback to help us further improve our content and service.

Our cloud based resources are designed to help teachers deliver engaging lessons by using classroom technology more effectively and interactively to provide instant feedback on progress to students so they can learn and improve during lessons.

Learning Clip has been the subject of a number of large scale independent research studies to evaluate the effectiveness of self paced learning using classroom technology and instant feedback. The research found that students who use Learning Clip in this way improved their attainment by 3 to 4 months if continued over a school year. The research also found that teachers with no previous experience of using handheld technology like Learner Response handsets and tablets achieved the same learning gains in their classroom. The research also found that lower achievers were able to close the attainment gap with their higher achieving classmates.

read more about the research at the institute for effective education at the University of York.

Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of Learning Clip.